Yes. Different methods affect your period in different ways, and these changes are completely safe. Many long-acting methods may lead to lighter or no periods while also creating some irregular bleeding. Others can be used to regulate your periods and may lead to less cramping as well. You can take a look at our Birth Control Method Selector or talk to any experienced health care professional to discuss any other benefits and potential side effects of different methods.

As an example, some brands of the pill, as well as Mirena (the hormonal IUD) are often prescribed to help women with heavy bleeding or irregular periods. Many women use these methods primarily for these reasons. Just keep in mind that these hormonal methods are prescription-only, so a doctor or nurse will be the perfect person to help you determine if they can safely help relieve any period woes.

And one more thing. You may have heard that it is possible to skip a period or have fewer periods while using the pill: No period? Really? Yes again. Some pills are specifically formulated to give you fewer periods. But before you change your brand or alter the way that you take your pills, talk to the health care provider who prescribed the pill to make sure your plan is safe.

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